Summer and autumn workshops!

Dear all, The next months are filled with a series of wonderful workshops, to which I would like to invite you. I simply love these collective learning moments, because group dynamics provide an additional source of healing and support. There is a kind of magic that...

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Nutritional Advice: The magical power of porridge

Dear all, I am really happy to let you know that my new practice in the OVIVE Centre in the Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels is really taking off. It is an ideal location in the center of town to drop by for a coaching or shiatsu session. You will be met in a trustful and...

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Spring Liver Detox

Dear all, Spring is here! Time of new beginnings. It is the moment of the year into which you can invite the magic of renewal. Time to make plans, to create a vision for the months to come. In nature new plant shoots are surfacing everywhere, fresh leaves appear on...

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