(Alle Kurse werden auf Englisch gegeben)

Time to tap!

Next online EFT get together:   17th March 2021 20:00-21:00!

Free online EFT get-together to tap away any negativity

you might feel around these turbulent times.

EFT is such a great and simple tool to shift any negativity you might feel in these turbulent times.
Many have shared their worries and distress with me, feeling lost and anxious or solitary.

Let’s get together and remove any negativity!
One hour can do A LOT in shifting your energy.
I know it’s yet again another online course,
but for the time being it’s the best we’ve got.
As always, you can stay incognito, keep your camera off-
do whatever you need to feel good.


In-person/live workshops


The Holistic Healing Course

Interested in diving deeper into your healing journey?

Drawn to the sacred knowledge of the healing arts?

Committed to strengthening your emotional and physical well-being?

Curious to find out how you love and why you love the way in which you love?

Then please be welcomed

to this holistic healing course!

When the world is changing so rapidly around us and we’re not sure what’ll happen next,

here is an opportunity to pause and reflect!

Get personal support and insights, whilst you

learn, relax, laugh and detox

You can now register for the first weekend in June.


4-6th June 21
2-4th July 21
17th-19th September 21
12-14th November 21

Location– next to Leuven, Belgium

Covid cancellation policy- please read below!

For more info please click here!