Online workshops


The Adventure that is YOU!

Online EFT and personal coaching course

Are there aspects of your life you’d like to change?

Is there a project or dream you’d like to pursue?

Would you like to feel more confident and safe in making this change?

One day or day one…you decide!

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Tuesdays 8/9, 22/9, 6/10, 20/10 and 10/11/20, 19:30-21:30

This is an interactive online course


Price 320€

This includes an extra bonus 50min personal coaching session with me.


In-person/live workshops


Systemic constellation days

31st October in English

28th November in English


Systemic constellations provide an opportunity to explore the dynamics behind personal difficulties in a fresh way. A constellation creates a kind of living map of a personal, family or other relational issue and provides a new perspective on complex, enduring or apparently intractable challenges.

10:00-16:00 Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels

90€ for a personal constellation, 25€ as representative


EFT Weekend- Tapping into the life you want

9th- 11th October 2020

Our belief system is shaped by our life experiences. Sometimes few, but very decisive negative events can build a false perception of who we are. This can be such a reduced and narrow image, fueled by self-criticism, which limits and holds us back in life. As a result, based on this negative self-image, we end up not applying for that position, we don’t give that talk, or we don’t pursue the relationship or career we were always dreaming of.

However, there is a way out- it’s possible to have autonomy from your past.

During this weekend, we’ll start off by going over the basics and then identify the primary blockages that stand in your way from leading the life you want. I will show you how to recognise and clear them, so that you can move through with your issue.

This extended two-day retreat is a response to the growing demand and interest that the tapping technique is generating, based on the fact that it is simple, fast and effective.

Orval, Belgium, 280€ (includes full board)


The Winter Light sessions

5th December, 9th January, 30th January, 6th March

This unique healing and coaching course creates a space for you to finish 2020 with confidence and begin 2021 with clarity and purpose.

Closing the year, you will have the opportunity to let go of unwanted patterns and emotional charge while clarifying your intention and achievable goals for the coming year.

In this course, we’ll get together four times (on a Saturday) and share our ideas, plans and journey.
 From the previous group  I know what an invaluable space this creates during the winter months, in order to bring light and community to the shorter days.

The core questions we’ll ask are: “Is what I’m currently doing leading me on a road to fulfillment?” And: “Which small and realistic steps can I take, to steer my life into the direction I’m longing for?”. Perhaps you want to write a book, change job and finally set up your healing practice. Perhaps you want to improve some aspect of your health, or find love. If you don’t have a project that’s also fine, it seems to naturally arise, as soon as we gather and you hear the other’s testimonies and stories.

Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels More info here

Price for four days of workshop 280€, early bird reservation only:  240€ if you reserve by October 30th