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My approach and who I am

For the past 15 years, I have been helping people with burnout and emotional overwhelm through my approach in holistic health. 

Having worked as an international human rights advocate in the UK, Peru and India and having had my own personal experience of burnout, I found myself increasingly drawn to creating meaningful change in my life.

My first step was to study Shiatsu; initially as a hobby but also to get a better understanding of a holistic approach to health.

This lead to further studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT, macrobiotics and systemic coaching in the UK, Belgium and Germany, all of which today forms the basis of my work. With time and because of my deep fascination with them, I decided to dedicate my life to the healing arts. Through my own healing work, I have changed my priorities and the beliefs I held about myself and have truly been able to align with my purpose.

I now see burnout and in fact, any crisis, as part of the solution to a life led out of balance, as something that wants to be considered and better understood. There is nothing I feel more passionate about than helping people get through difficult phases and help them deal with their emotions, so that they can make sense of their situation and create a life they love.

My approach therefore offers you a safe space in which you can take a break and regain strength and clarity about your situation in life. The tools I use, the experience I bring, as well as the intuitive insights that I work with, can assist you in regaining your strength and create a safe space in your life. You can find more about my one-on-one coaching style  here.

I work in Brussels and internationally (at the moment online). I offer a unique combination of systemic coaching tools, EFT, insights and recommendations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as healing touch of shiatsu. 

Alongside that, I give workshops in EFT, Shiatsu, burnout prevention, stress management and deep ecology across Europe.

Please note that my method does not provide medical or psycho-therapeutic treatment. Only a doctor or a psychologist can make a diagnosis. For all complaints, please also consult a doctor.


My path:

I grew up in an international environment set in the European institutions and initially followed my “given” path to study politics and law. It seemed to be a normal and natural choice in line with the family tradition. While I have no regrets to have worked in the field of international politics, I wasn’t thriving.

Because of the workload I was under, as well as multiple demands life made upon me, at some stage I suffered a burnout. This called me to reconsider the choices I had made in my life and invited me to find new ways to set my priorities, more in alignment with who I am.

I had come across shiatsu, the ancient Japanese healing practice. I went on to study it professionally and then soon came to understand that my life and passion lie in the healing arts. Since then I have incessantly studied all aspects of human health.

I know what it means to make a profound career change and how to make it work.

This change has given me insight into how to feel safe in times of change.  Through my path I found a way to align with my purpose and now I have found the place where I can truly help and make a difference, because I see the changes in my client’s lives.

As a practitioner, I combine coaching, EFT and life style recommendations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to address the challenges of your current life situation, as well as your emotional and physical needs.

At a glance:

-2002 BA International Relations and Spanish, University of Sussex, UK
-2005 MA International and Comparative Legal Studies, SOAS, UK
-2006 Completion of three-year Shiatsu course, Devon, UK
-2000-2007 Advocacy in the international human rights sector (India, Peru, D, B, UK)
-2007- 2011 Macrobiotic life counseling course, East West Center, Belgium
-2007-2011 Shiatsu & EFT practice and teacher Brussels
-2011 Burnout- prevention training European Commission, Brussels
-2012 Work-study in eco-villages Canada, US and Europe
-2012 Deep Ecology training (work that reconnects) with Joanna Macy, US
-2012-13 Systemic Life Coaching training course, Berlin, certified by European Coaching Association, Germany
-2015-2017 Health conferences and burn out prevention, European Commission
-2015-2024 Elected as European representative of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation

-2021-2022 EFT and stress reduction coach, European Commission

-2016-2024 Vice President of the European Shiatsu Federation

Ongoing- Health and Life Coach, Speaker- Coaching, EFT and Shiatsu practice, working locally and internationally (online)

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch

You can contact me here: (0032)(0) 474 61 29 57 or email me  info@irenenolte.com