Ready for new inspiration? Burnt- or bored out and there’s simply more to your life?

Welcome to my Integrative Health Coaching
You can work with me in person and online.


In my newsletters and free online EFT get-togethers you’ll get tips and insights on natural health, healing stress and anxiety, as well as ideas how to create meaningful change in your life.

As a holistic life coach I offer you a space for you to gain strength and clarity.

Based on my own switch from initially working in the field of international human rights towards the healing arts, I know what it means to follow your path and make a major career change.

For the past 15 years I have been working with a unique combination of integrative coaching, shiatsu, EFT, as well as systemic constellations that addresses body, mind and soul. I have particular experience in helping people through crises, burnout, states of anxiety and deep personal questioning. It is my belief that every crisis harbours a gift and that life invites us to search for it.


Coaching Brussels


Coaching gives you strength and clarity to set you on your path.

Emotional Freedom Technique Brussels


EFT helps you remove emotional blockages in a fast an efficient way.

Shiatsu Massage Brussels


Shiatsu is touch, touch is connection.

Holistic Health & Shiatsu Workshops Brussels


Join me at one of my workshops.

A unique combination of healing approaches

If you want to find a way of dealing with your emotions and address issues such as fatigue, loss of direction or burnout, then I am the right person for you.

I offer a unique combination of healing approaches that address body, mind and soul.

This includes integrative coaching based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, shiatsu and EFT to help you gain clarity and strength for sustainable change in your life.

If you are interested just call me on (0032)(0) 474 61 29 57 or you can get in touch by sending me an email. 

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