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Deep sleep one- on- one personal mentorship programme

Tired of being tired? Tried every herb, pill and breathing technique under the sun and still not sleeping?

We need more support for cancer patients in the workforce ...

If you have difficulties falling asleep,  or find yourself waking between the hours of 3:00-5:00 AM and then not being able to fall back asleep…If you have a tough time turning off your mind, often feel anxious, tense and worried about the next day and end up having agitated sleep

Then this might be for you!

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, struggling to fall asleep,  waking between the hours of 3:00-5:00 AM and overall tension are caused by other issues than you might think.

In this deep-sleep one- on one mentorship programme I help you break the pattern. Together, we will uncover the beliefs, emotions and triggers that keep you from falling and staying asleep.
Through personalised EFT, coaching, dietary and lifestyle recommendations we will turn this negative sleep pattern around, so that you can fall asleep much more easily and stay asleep throughout the night, so that you can feel fully rested, at peace and energised when you wake up.

Price  for five session 480€

-includes five personal one-on- one online calls with me, so that we can directly target the issue you’re dealing with.

personalised EFT videos or audios so that you can continue working independently

-you get priority access– skip the waiting line/list and you’ll get an appointment immediately

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