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In these complicated times, in which there is so much upheaval and destruction, every now and then I find it difficult to still know what to say. What words are left in the face of ongoing conflict and devastation, as in the four corners of the earth one group of our shared humanity is pitted against the other?

At times no words remain.

 I gave a shiatsu treatment to a 20-year-old woman recently. It was her first shiatsu session. To begin with, I asked her about her symptoms, as well as interests in her life. Quickly her eyes glazed over and I could sense that the questions were getting too challenging for her. I didn’t know much about her life, other than what her mother, who was present in the session, had told me- that she had a difficult childhood and tumultuous youth and that she was struggling to find her way.

I gave her a shiatsu, healing touch that is practiced entirely dressed (other than oil-based massages). I focused on her heart energy and her emotions, I so much wanted her to feel nourished, safe and secure. She had told me that she suffered from ongoing headaches, so this is what I worked on too.

 When the treatment was over her eyes were shining. Her face had relaxed completely and she was smiling. I could sense that this session had offered her a true break and a moment of nourishment.

Beyond all words we had met in a place of silence and shared a space in peace.

 There is deep magic in the silence and nourishment of healing touch.

And perhaps in these complicated times, silence can heal louder than so many words.

 Its space offers a refuge, a place beyond the troubles and painful challenges of this fractured world. A place of deep peace that we all know and share.

In the words of the poet Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”