Relationship retreat

  • Tired of being solo?
  • Done with trying the same relationship dance over and over again?

Tired of trying to make your current relationship work?

A special relationship retreat in May
This retreat offers you insights and a deeper understanding of how you engage with your intimate partner (or lack thereof) and how your beliefs and behaviours can contribute to building a meaningful relationship.
We’ll explore the energetic and emotional dimensions of these different ways to create connection, attachment styles. In addition, with the help of systemic constellations, we’ll explore your personal beliefs and avoidance strategies and inquire how to solve them.
How do you intend to construct a sense of safety in love?

The avoidantly attached, for instance, rejects and needs distance („I need space“) to feel safe, whereas an anxiously attached person is worried about the connection being interrupted and is often seeking affirmative reassurance (…which pushes away the avoidant…).
And so the dance goes.

This retreat offers you a unique blend of key emotional and energetic insights, combined with systemic constellations in a supportive healing circle.

  • Do you long to build a meaningful relationship with a partner, or deepen your present relationship?
  • Have you noticed that you are an accomplished, hardworking and professionally successful woman (or man!), but when it comes to intimate relationships you feel lost at times, more insecure and perhaps even clueless about how to solve the puzzle?
  • Do you find yourself engaging with the same relationship patterns and it’s not entirely clear to you how to get out of them?
  • Why can it feel so intimidating to open up to another person? Why are some terrified at the loss of connection and need a lot of reassurance, whereas others fear being overwhelmed and smothered?

A systemic constellation is a living map that offers insights into your inner world and how you position yourself, to family members, your partner or aspects such as fears and beliefs. (Read more here)

If you’re interested in learning how you love and allow yourself to be loved and how you can deepen your relationship with your (future) beloved, then this workshop is an ideal opportunity to explore these questions in a safe and gentle circle of kindred spirits.

You can join with your partner, or by yourself.

The retreat takes place in a beautiful centre with a huge garden next to Leuven.
The food is 100% organic and vegan, offering you the space to detox and rejuvenate in the spring months.

Date: 13th-15th May 22
Starting time Friday 19:00, we finish on Sunday 16:00

Location: Drogenhof near Leuven, Belgium
Price: 430€, early bird reservation 380€ if you book by April 20th.
This price includes the course fee and full board in a shared room with one other person.
Single room supplement: 60€
The food is entirely vegan and organic, so it also represents a detox weekend!

Intimate partnership is one of the most intricate dances you can engage with.

As you encounter the other, invariably you need to engage more deeply with your own inner world- those subtle energies that might be easy or perhaps more difficult to perceive.