Müde, gestresst und überfordert? Hier zeige ich Dir wie Du es ändern kannst (EFT Video)

Dear all,

First of all, I would like to wish you a very happy new year!
2017 in numerology is a “one- year” (2+1+7=10=1+0=1), a year of creativity and new beginnings.

I therefore invite you to do a little soul searching.

Next to the classical new year’s goal and intention setting, which is highly beneficial and worth engaging with several times a year, I invite you to go further.

Think about an area in your life that isn’t working. Perhaps you are overworked or bored in your job or dismayed at the way the world is going. Perhaps you want to improve your health or find a loving relationship. Pick one of these areas, the one that bothers or upsets you the most.

You will easily recognise it, because it usually is the place in which you beat yourself up, blame yourself for not being or doing better. It can also be a place in which you point your finger at others, for their achievements or wrong doings.

By deciding that you are willing to creatively work on it, you now shift your focus from a place of blame, fear and judgement, towards a new realm in which you engage it with a conscious sense of responsibility, power and purpose. It takes focus, creativity and determination. And then it can be done.

This place can now become your magical growing field.

In the words of Thomas Edison:

“Discontent is the first necessity of progress”

The growing field is the place in which you decide to expand beyond the limits of comfort and self preservation. You decide to take a leap into the unknown.

It is the area in which you can manifest true magic.

For this, take 30min. Really make a conscious choice to take this time out. The more you focus on it, give it your undivided attention, the better it can work.
Now make a list of 20 points of how you could tackle this area in your life. It has to be 20, because generally after 5-10 points you run out of immediate ideas. It is thereafter that your imagination starts to set in! This is where the magic can happen. The bolder, the more unusual, the better.

I invite you to really go for it and have fun! Be courageous and imaginative!

Once you have finished the list, add concrete dates of when you will try which initiative.
Write them into your diary. If it can help if you read the list to a friend, so that you can be supported in your efforts and especially stick to doing them.

Creatively engaging the part of you that is suffering, offering it your attention, is the most healing thing you can do. It is the part within you that is longing to grow and change.

One thought that always gives me courage and strength is the question of how my decisions will affect seven generations down the line.
Thinking of that helps me find courage and inspiration over and over again to pursue my heart’s calling.

Much love, Irene

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