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Interested in diving deeper into your healing journey?

Drawn to the sacred knowledge of the healing arts?

Committed to strengthening your emotional and physical well-being?

Curious to find out how you love and why you love the way in which you love?

Then please be welcomed

to this holistic healing course!

When the world is changing so rapidly around us and we’re not sure what’ll happen next, here is an opportunity to pause and reflect!

Get personal support and insights, whilst you 

learn, relax, laugh and detox


You can now register!
17th-19th September 21
12-14th November 21

Location– next to Leuven, Belgium

Covid cancellation policy- please read below!

The knowledge and practices shared in this four-part (residential) course are profound and will transform the way you understand your life, as well as deepen your spiritual insights.

 You can use them in your personal life, to nourish your connection to others, as well as professionally, working as a healer, therapist, or any other profession that requires you to interact with people.


 Course content

over the four weekends

The magical wisdom of

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Holistic wellness-in this part you will gain a better understanding of your emotions and physical symptoms and how they are interlinked.
  • You will receive tips and insights on how you can support your mental and physical health throughout the year
  • Be introduced to dietary and lifestyle recommendations to heal anxiety, burnout, fatigue, anger etc.
  • Understand psychological profiles that we all use to feel safe in life. Discover how these can get in the way of the life you want to lead- why are some people needy, controlling, absent minded…and what can be done about it?
  • Visual diagnosticsreading the face and body Which organs in your body need support, what’s going on and how can you see that in the face? How is your emotional world reflected in your face?
  • The Chinese clock– understanding the body’s biorhythm

Exercises to strengthen and heal your intuition

  • Writing, meditation, soul walks

Introductory exercises of systemic constellations

  • Inner child work
  • Finding or healing partnership
  • Healing pain of the past and present
  • Working with your ancestors

EFT- The Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Learn how to use it
  • Learn how to get really good at it to alleviate stress and patterns in your life

An introduction to holistic communication and counseling skills

  • How to listen fully
  • How to ask healing questions
  • Practicing giving supportive feedback

Deep ecology

  • Reconnecting to and finding your strength in nature
  • Exercises in nature to deepen your intuition
  • Walks, meditation, practices

Ritual, love, community

  • A safe space in which you can share what is going on in your life.
  • Being listened to and supported.
  • Cozy fires (indoors and outdoors) to share stories, silence, be together.
  • Sacred rituals to let go of the past and invite the new.
  • A sweat lodge, a healing outdoor sauna.
  • Detox with macrobiotic vegan food.



Price per module:


You can  register for the first module only!


Payment in four installments possible ( March until June 21) please inquire.

Price includes:

  • Course fee for four weekends
  • Stay in a single room
  • (or you can sleep at home)
  • Full board
  • Delicious vegan cuisine
  • Snacks in afternoon
  • Sweat-lodge at one module

Money-back guarantee:

If one module has to be cancelled (Covid…), you will be reimbursed for that weekend (-50€ admin fee).


17th-19th September 21
12-14th November 21



Register or ask for more info here!

The group is limited to 12 people.

Registration on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Safety in uncertain times

Health protection and (Covid cancellation) policy

  • The dates are chosen intentionally, in the hope that during the summer and autumn, we can actually be together.
  • If we have to cancel one weekend, you will be reimbursed for that weekend (-50€ admin fee).
  • There are abundant, spacious in- and outdoor seating and dining areas (please see pictures below).
  • The workshop rooms are spacious, so we can sit with a lot of space between us.
  • Ideally, weather permitting, we’ll spend lots of time in the huge garden.
  • You can have a single room (there are 10 rooms available), or given the location of the centre, it’s possible to return to Brussels or Leuven in 30min drive (for those who don’t want to stay over)

Who’s this course for?

This course is for anyone who is growth orientated and has an interest in spirituality.

If you

  • want to deepen your intuition and spiritual practices
  • want to gain insights into how you can understand and help yourself and others better (including family and friends)
  • want to relax, detox, take time out and time for yourself
  • want to connect with a loving group of people
  • already work as a coach, healer, therapist and wish to enrich your practice
  • are planning on setting up your healing practice and are just getting going
  • simply want to come and hang out and be in good company of people who like to share, walk in nature and eat healthy organic food

…then this course is for you!

Register now!

More info or registration- get in touch!


The location is next to Leuven, a 30min car ride from Brussels.

Here are some pictures: