Müde, gestresst und überfordert? Hier zeige ich Dir wie Du es ändern kannst (EFT Video)

Dear all,

Spring is here! Time of new beginnings. It is the moment of the year into which you can invite the magic of renewal. Time to make plans, to create a vision for the months to come. In nature new plant shoots are surfacing everywhere, fresh leaves appear on the trees.
Equally, this magical rising life-force is reawakening within us. In order to help this very special process, it is a good idea to take care of your liver and gallbladder.

Of all the organs, the liver is perhaps the most congested. Due to the consumption of too many fats, denatured and processed foods, as well as having to deal with chemicals and toxins in our surroundings, the liver can become sluggish and its function stagnant.
If you have sleeping problems and are fatigued, have difficulties to concentrate, mood swings, stiffness in the muscles, headaches or are repeatedly feeling tense or frustrated, then it might be a sign that your liver needs a little help. One of the primary organs that is affected by burnout is the liver.

A healthy liver gives rise to smooth and balanced energy levels, as well as stable emotions and moods. The Chinese symbolised the liver energy by a healthy bamboo shoot that has the flexibility of bending with the wind. It doesn’t rigidly withstand movement, nor does it break.

In Chinese medicine the liver houses the vision for your life path. A healthy liver gives rise to a clear direction in life. The heart receives and gives the impulses, the liver offers balanced strength and support to pursue this path. It is therefore worthwhile to sustain this function, to be able to open to the calls of life, to be able to listen to what direction you are invited to take.

Here are some ideas for how you can help your liver:

  • Eat less
  • Increase the consumption of leafy green vegetables such as parsley, kale, spring onions, broccoli…
  • Avoid animal protein of all sorts
  • Eat moderately pungent foods: watercress, turmeric, basil, bay leaf, horse radish
  • Increase consumption of sprouted grains and seeds
  • Have a glass of warm water in the mornings with a teaspoon full of apple cider, brown rice vinegar, or a few drops of lemon
  • For a few months add some chlorella or spirulina into your food
  • Exercise daily, even if just 15min

Upcoming workshops:

In Brussels

  • 29th April – A day of Family Constellations- Ovive Centre, Brussels, FULLY BOOKED
  • 4th May, Health, direction and motivation- a journey through your emotional, physical and interpersonal well-being R&D Lunch Time Conference,12:30-14:30, European Commission
  • 18th May 18:00-20:30 – Healing Burnout, workshop in English, Ovive Centre, Brussels, 45€
  • 1st June 18:00-20:30 – Guérir le Burnout, atelier en français, Centre Ovive, Brussels, 45€

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the organs that are most impacted by burnout and see how these affect your emotions.
  • Receive very concrete dietary and lifestyle advice on how to address them.
  • Place fear, anxiety and anger into a broader context.
  • Learn an EFT sequence that directly addresses these emotions.
  • Do an exercise that connects you deeper with an aspect of yourself that wants to grow and heal.


Coaching round corner!
You are always welcomed for a lunch-time coaching, counseling or shiatsu session in the Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels!

Spring greetings, Irene