Please be welcomed to this online course!

A space in which you can find your goal, learn to feel more confident and take action!

I’ll help you specify your goal and define what safe and realistic steps you can take towards achieving it. You’ll learn how to clear blocking beliefs that are getting in your way, feel confident and learn to see it through!

You will be supported by a group of like-minded, focussed and caring course participants.
Joining a group can feel daunting at first but I’m always blown away by the healing alchemy that develops in such groups. Hearing the struggles and testimonies of others (and one can always relate) is one of the most empowering experiences you can engage with.

Several of you have told me that you can’t think of a project yet, or don’t have a clear idea of what to work on and whether you can still join. Yes, you can.
Preceding the course you will receive coaching questions and exercises to help you along the way so that you can really recognise what rocks your boat!
At this stage, your biggest need might be to have more time out, time for yourself. This is a true and sacred goal!

Content of this online course:
1. Coaching exercises that help you self-reflect on what it is that you really want.  Define what you want and learn how to follow through.
Having great ideas is one thing, but following through is where real change happens.
During this course, you’ll get support to train yourself to deeply focus on getting the right things done (…no more procrastination!).
2.     Online EFT sessions on dealing with different fears (of being (in)visible, not daring, how you have the authority to speak up etc..).
3.     Clearing whatever other blockages are in your way through EFT.
4.     Coaching and teaching sessions on health and holistic healing.
5.     A safe space for shared experiences, shared testimonies. You will be listened to.

During this online course you’ll receive:

·        Five 2h online group lessons that will take place every two weeks, over the course of ten weeks. The time in between gives you the space to process things.
·        Fun sheets, i.e. written coaching material for you to work on between the sessions.
·        You will receive EFT tapping recordings for you to keep on tapping between the sessions.
·        The support of a loving, committed and focused group of people- the other course participants. One of the most healing things of working together is to hear each other’s stories and give one another support, as well as tapping into the collective wisdom and experience.
·        BONUS: A personal 50min coaching session with me.

Tuesdays 8/9, 22/9, 6/10, 20/10 and last 10/11/20.
Time: 19:30-21:30
Where? Online via Zoom.
Price: 250€ early bird reservation if you book until 4/8/20, after that 320€.
Bonus included: A 50min personal individual coaching session with me.

This is a unique opportunity to create meaningful change in your life!
Let’s create and share this adventure that is you!

One day or day one…you decide!