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The Work that Reconnects- A return to love

How to heal our hearts and minds in these times of turmoil?

It seems with the ongoing madness of global social and ecological destruction the urgency to do so is ever greater. Wherever you look living systems are in crisis. In the animal and plant kingdom, family systems, immune systems, school and political systems, (the list goes on endlessly) …with inevitable repercussions to our inner emotional world.It seems that as this earth is pushed to its ultimate limits, so are we.

Needless to say that all of this is incredibly stressful and exhausting.

It’s just really hard to keep up with who is bombing who and at the same time worry about the shrinking habitat of polar bears, while making sure that we are making a living and meeting all our deadlines. In all this there is no time to rest and no time to think about what we really should be doing with our limited time on earth. And yet, we are suffering the constant awareness of what is going on. This can be a very lonely and frightening place.

We therefore need to return.

Return to love.

For ourselves and for this beautiful broken earth. Never before has the need been greater to stand up for life. For ourselves and future generations (both are inherently linked). We need to start by healing ourselves and come to a greater place of compassion. From there we can reach out.

In this spirit I invite you to unique autumn workshops throughout the autumn.

The first will take place in the middle of beautiful nature among rolling hills of the Belgian province of Luxembourg.For more info click here

For all other wellbeing and burnout prevention workshops, please take a look at my workshop page