Next dates in 2021: 4th September, 9th October, 12th-14th November systemic constellation retreat, 18th December 2021

Time: 10:00-16:00 Location: Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels

Price: 108€ if you would like to constellate your own issue, 35€ as representative

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Plato

Systemic constellations provide an opportunity to explore the dynamics behind personal difficulties in a fresh way. A constellation creates a kind of living map of a personal, family or other relational issue and provides a new perspective on complex, enduring or apparently intractable challenges.

The map (made up of ‘representatives’ – people in the workshop or papers with names in individual coachings) which a constellation creates, allows the coach and client to access the wider system, see the hidden forces at play and identify new paths to lasting resolution.

Our happiness, we are told, depends above all on our hard work, our intentions and thoughts. In short, everyone is “the maker of his own fate” and the responsibility for it rests on our own shoulders.

But what if it weren’t entirely this way? What if, despite trying with clear intent and hard work, some old unsatisfactory patterns keep on occurring over and over again with no solution in sight? Both in the professional or private life.

Again you come across a choleric boss, or again you were left by your partner. Again the family reunion ends in a quarrel.

A systemic constellation can be helpful here. Through a constellation it is possible to uncover underlying motives for your thoughts and actions and help you gain insights into how you can change patterns of interactions. Furthermore, and decisively, a constellation offers an understanding of the inner posture that can lead to a lasting solution.

Systemic constellation work is based on the assumption that all members of a family are interconnected over generations, regardless of whether these ties are reflected on the outside or not.
In this way, positive but also negative patterns of life and behaviours in families are often passed on unconsciously over generations and can be perpetuated. In particular, severe fates and tragic events (e. g. accidents, suicide, war) often have an effect over generations. It is, however, rarely apparent at first glance that a current, burdensome condition is linked to this.

Present day issues that you’d like to work on can be:
-family issues
-relationships (or the lack thereof)
-difficulties in the workplace
-aspects of illnesses

Procedure of a constellation

First of all, the request of the client is clarified. The facilitator will ask the client, what the issue is that they would like to understand and, if possible, shift. For this the client is invited to specifically name difficult events in his/her family system. Given what she hears, the facilitator will then direct the client to select members of the group to represent people or other elements important to the question the client asks about. The client then constellates his issue with the help of representatives, by positioning them in the room. Here often the representatives have distinct sensations and symptoms. Through eliciting information from representatives, the facilitator aims to uncover the deeper dynamics that hold the entanglements in place. With the help of the representatives, things can be be unveiled and put into place, following a systemic order that conveys respect for everyone involved.

During a collective workshop I work in a group of about 5-10 people.
No previous knowledge is required for these seminars.


How does it work- what is systemic perception?

Systemic perception is an ability that all humans are born with, but that has been by and large ignored and minimized by many western, euro-centric cultures.  It is our ability to recognize energy, connection, and information outside of the five traditional senses. It comes in different forms for different people. Extra sensory perception (ESP) is one form of systemic perception, however in the western culture that has been relegated to the purview of a few at the margins.  In this work, participants are encouraged to trust and listen to their bodies and intuitions as this information appears.

Where does the information come from?

In 1995, Albrecht Mahr, M.D., coined the term, ‘the knowing field’ to describe the flow of energy and information that appears in the space occupied by representatives in a constellation, once a question has been asked. When we tune in using our systemic perception, we can sense information coming from this field.  We say that we experience it phenomenologically, which means that we pay attention to the phenomena – the sensations, emotions, physical feelings and bits of information that emerge once we are representing an element in a constellation – without judging or analyzing it. Instead, we offer the information we receive in order to move the constellation forward. Other terms to describe the field from other disciplines are the unconscious, or the collective unconscious.


Disclaimer: Please note that this approach does not provide medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. I can’t make a diagnosis, only a doctor or a psychologist can. For all complaints, please also consult a doctor.

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