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Crete Spring retreat

22nd March 2022 - 28th March 2022

Your life- your story.

Come and join me for this week of rest, community and introspection in the tender Cretan spring sun.​


In step with nature

During the week we’ll embrace simplicity and explore what really matters in our lives.

We’ll settle into the gentle rhythms of island life, allowing time for stillness and reflection, rediscovering the peace and joy that’s present when we practice deep inner listening.

During spring time, everything is in blossom, wild flowers everywhere!

You’ll be in good company at this fabulous location on the sea, with like-minded people also on a soul journey, sharing  companionship, good food and new friendships.

The hotel and healing space is carved into the rocks and gives directly onto the fabulous coastline, all rooms have direct view onto the endless sea.

Here is a chance to relax, let go and find new inspiration.

You can go for a swim on the private beach of the hotel (everyone did last time!)

Through gentle guidance, you’ll be invited to reflect and write about the story of your life- the moments of joy, of loss, of hope and aspirations.

What would you like to invite for 2024?

What would you like to let go of?

Where do you need support?

During this week there’ll be  a balance between time out,  rest, time to read and to go for walks or to the beach, as well as group sharings.

Coaching tools such as systemic constellations, EFT tapping are at your disposition, to help you along the way (optional and you can pick which) and to accompany you on your journey of life.

The idea is to offer you a space to take a break, replenish, enjoy the mind-blowing food (vegan, vegetarian or with meat as you prefer), all options exist simultaneously and are of the highest quality!

 Have a moment to reflect in which in which direction you’d like to take your life, all in the fabulous setting of the Cretan coastline.

It is an ideal moment to touch base with yourself, reconnect to your priorities and recharge your batteries after the darker winter days.


Lentas is situated on the wilder southern coast of Crete. Already 4BC this small coastal village was internationally famous for its healing powers, due to the natural curative springs that originate there.  To honor and harvest the healing energies of this location, the temple of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine, was built there.

The place has simply incredible energy and this healing week is sure to help you revitalise, gain insights and replenish. The program is a gentle balance out of group coachings, systemic constellations, morning yoga for those who want, gentle hikes in the surroundings, and plenty of time out for you to just rest and recuperate

Small historical fact:

“The Asklepiades were four or five goddesses of good health, healing and cures, daughters of the physician-god Asklepios. They were named Hygeia (Good Health), Aigle (Radiance), Iaso (Healing), Panakeia (Cure-All) and Akeso (Curing). The godling Telesphoros was probably a sixth male Asklepiad.

The Asklepiades shared their name with, and were patrons of, an ancient guild of doctors which claimed descent from Asklepios.”


Accommodation and course fee

There are four price categories and payment plans!

Please read carefully!

Option 1:

Stay in the spectacular single room. This is the royal suite, on the cliffs with view across the Libyan sea.

This price includes accommodation, food and the full course fee!

Full price: 1638€

Early bird reduction: 1490€ if you register by 30th October 2023.

Payment scheme: 227€ in monthly installments during seven months, starting August (1589€)

Price includes accommodation, food and course fee! All rooms have direct spectacular views of the sea.

If you are interested, but haven’t decided yet if you want to join, let me know and I will send you an info folder.

Option 2:

Here are two rooms in a studio, one is the bedroom, the other is the living room with a sleeping couch. If you’d like to engage with a co-living experience, this is the place to be. You’ll share a bathroom.

Both room and living-bedroom have sea view.

Full price bedroom: 1489€ with shared bathroom (shared with one other person).

Early bird reduction: 1289€ if you reserve by 30th October 2023

This price includes accommodation, food and the full course fee!

Payment plan: 192€ in monthly installments during seven months, starting August (1350€)

Option 3:

Living room-bedroom: 1289€ with shared bathroom (shared with one other person).

Early bird reduction- 1189€ if you reserve by 30th October 2023

Payment plan: 178€ in monthly installments during seven months, starting August (1250€)

Option 4

Additional saving option

There are two rooms available in an adjacent off site hotel. The rooms are much simpler.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, please inquire, this is a possibility.


22nd March 2022
28th March 2022
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Irene Nolte


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