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Dear all,

I sincerely hope that you had a restful summer and are enjoying these gorgeous autumn days!
What I want to share with you today are some thoughts on how we get sidetracked from our path.

Everyone is born with a special gift. This is my firm belief.
The gift is like a seed that resides within us. When it gets sufficient light, water and is nurtured by healthy soil, it can grow strong and tall.
Yet more often than not overbearing life circumstances- a difficult or suffering parent, an illness, a bad teacher… knock you off course and silence the seed and with it all the joy and gifts it was going to bestow on you.

As a coach I work with people, mostly in their midlife, who have been brought to a place in which they need to grasp their seed again. Often this realisation is precipitated by some form of crisis in their lives. Who they are trying to be is no longer working. They are faced by a pattern or model of life that they have outgrown (or never fitted into in the first place) and feel dissatisfied by or trapped in. This can be a very lonely and frightening place…and fear is the most inhibiting force of all. It steals our dreams, our passion, our life force.

Finding a (new) model of success that works for you is paramount. It is defined differently by all of us- because how you truly define success is driven by your own heart.
Perhaps you want to reduce overall stress and thereby improve your relationship with your partner, or children. Perhaps you want to switch careers, or the workplace, to improve your work-life balance and pursue aspects you regard as more meaningful.

Whichever it is, this moment in life represents an important opportunity. It is life inviting you to make meaningful changes, bringing you back to that seed in your heart, which wants to offer countless gifts to you.

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers “Grow, grow” The Talmud

The great barrier between you and your next step in life is constructed by anger and fear. Becoming aware what you are afraid of or angry about, is the first and most important step. You can write about these things in order to disarm them. Bring your awareness to them. That in itself will launch the healing process.
We are so good at trying to block out our pain. It never works though, the tension ends up by showing up elsewhere.

Through coaching we can draw up a map for your next steps, see what beliefs are holding you back. And with EFT we can work on your patterns of fear, anxiety and stress, that are giving you a distorted image of who you really are. This stands at the core of my work.

It is also my greatest joy to invite you to the upcoming EFT weekend in Orval (5th-7th October). Many requests have come my way about a follow up course after the introductory class to EFT (next introductory classes 21/9 Antwerp, 29/9 Brussels).
If you have been looking for a way to discover EFT and deepen your healing practice by better understanding yourself and your emotions, then this course is for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
With love, Irene

“Irene’s intuitive and perceptive abilities are extraordinary and this really helped me sort out my insomnia and burnout issues in a single session. She had the ability to calmly assess a difficult situation and then enable me to see it through a broader and more positive perspective. After effectively releasing blockages through Shiatsu and EFT, I quickly found myself motivated to make important changes to my life which Irene also supported with much practical advice. I am grateful to have found such a talented healer and therapist.”  Marlene

“I have consulted Irene on several occasions over the past years – from private struggles to professional burn out – and was always amazed by the clarity and calm that she managed to establish in myself after only one or few sessions. Her background in TCM and Shiatsu has proven very helpful to cure the psychosomatic symptoms I was suffering from, her tips have helped me to sleep soundly even in stressful times and her recommendations for books have allowed me to gain perspective – a great way to round up the sessions and quench my thirst for understanding the bigger picture behind what was going on. I can highly recommend Irene as coach for anyone that is looking for a true professional with a holistic approach and a real passion for human nature.” Andrea