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Yesterday, as I was writing this, the sun was shining in Belgium (which can be rare at this time of the year) and was bathing the world in a beautiful light.
I love this time of the year, the precursor of spring, in which the days are slowly getting longer and bring with them this hopeful energy. Soon spring will be here and with it the time of promise, renewal and new beginnings.

Change in life is inevitable. It is the very nature of life.
Just like the changing seasons, the cycle of life with its endings and beginnings governs us, our life. A Buddhist principle says: “The only certainty (we have) is impermanence”.

Change can be gentle or it can hit us hard, at times in a form of crisis. Some crisis can be averted, by listening deeply, always and trusting the steps we are called to take.
The time to act is when things are still small and manageable (because our way is the yin way!).

“Plan for the difficult while it is still easy.
The greatest things in the world are done while still slight.” Lao Tzu

In this spirit, I’d like to invite you to a series of workshops, listed here below, to help create meaningful and gentle change in your life, to help you connect with your purpose. You are of course also welcomed to individual consultations in Brussels or online.

With love, Irene