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Recently I was asked whether next to workshops I was also giving personal sessions. So this might be a good opportunity to get back to basics and just explain what I do and why. And perhaps taking it chronologically places it into a better context.

Years ago I was living in London and finishing my MA in international human rights law, whilst working for a human rights organisation. I started feeling dizzy, exhausted and at the same time having panic attacks. The time for me had come to address issues of the past, rest and heal before I could plunge into the next chapter of my life. This motivated me to start studying shiatsu to better understand and address these symptoms that were part of a burnout (only later did I decide to dedicate these healing arts to others).
I studied shiatsu in Totnes, England and for those of you who don’t know this place, it is one of the lively spirited healing hubs of the British Isles. Anything, from permaculture, Chinese Medicine, advanced Buddhist studies to shamanic geo-biology you can find there.

Much to my amazement, I met a healer there who solemnly declared he would work with me (for free- he did!), as he had just taken Buddhist vows that called him on that path. Hereby I was introduced to work with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and systemic constellations, which, in addition to shiatsu, tremendously helped me in understanding my health crisis, also by placing it into a greater context of my life. This encounter vastly expanded my horizon of what is possible in life and opened the door to an approach to holistic spirituality that was previously unknown to me. You must understand that at the time I was just exiting the university library on Russel Square and here I was suddenly, under the guidance of this kind Buddhist, shifting rocks representing my ancestors across the Devonshire fields.

Since then many years have passed and the biggest shift and gift in my life was that of leaving the political world behind and fully dedicating myself to the healing arts.
And so in order to gain health literacy that facilitates the healing of the body, mind and spirit by recognising their interdependent relationship, I trained in shiatsu, EFT, coaching, holistic intuitive healing, traditional Chinese medicine and systemic constellations.
And now it is me who invites astonished academics to engage with unusual healing techniques:)

In my healing practice, where I do personalised one-to- one work, I therefore offer these different approaches, usually a combination thereof that ensures a holistic approach.
Shiatsu to help you relax, rebalance and regain energy.
EFT to let go of physical and emotional baggage, such as exhaustion, overwhelm, fear and anxiety, anger or sadness.
Coaching to see where you want to go in your life, why and how.
Systemic constellations to offer a systemic approach, which allows you to look at recurrent and unhelpful patterns in your life and include working with your family members, ancestors or others of your present life system, such colleagues in the professional realm.

Perhaps because my own life took such an unexpected turning, my passion lies in helping people reach their true authentic self, find the answers that lie therein, so that you can become the you have always longed to be!

And next to my personal healing practice I offer workshops and here below is a list of all the events that you are welcomed to join!
In particular I’d like to point out the EFT weekend in October, two unbeatable days to help you move on in areas of your life you feel stuck in, as well as the Winter Light sessions in the coming winter.
These four Winter Light sessions create a space to finish 2019 with confidence and begin 2020 with clarity and purpose. The core questions we’ll ask are: “Is what I’m currently doing leading me on a road to fulfilment?” And: “Which small and realistic steps can I take, to steer my life into the direction I’m longing for?”

If you are interested in spirituality and personal growth based on a deeper understanding of yourself, if at times you get fed up with handling everything by yourself and are open to receiving the support of a loving group of people, then these courses are for you!