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Dear all,

I am very excited to let you know that from November onwards I will open my new practice in the centre of town, in the Centre for Integrative Health, OVIVE, Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels, Arts- Loi/ Maelbeek.
This means that in addition to my usual address in Forest/Altitude 100 you will have a more easily accessible place to come to, in case you are in need of healing, rest and recuperation.

I firmly believe in an integrative approach to health. To me this means reaching the body, mind and soul. I therefore combine Eastern healing approaches with modern life- coaching techniques.

A session can include:
Emotional counselling
Healing touch through shiatsu

The sessions are designed to give you fresh insights into how to balance your emotions and support your emotional and physical health. I therefore usually combine different approaches, to reach you where you need to be met.

Perhaps you just want to relax and have a shiatsu to recuperate, heal and switch off.
Perhaps you feel stuck in an issue or pattern and want to move on.
There might be an aspect of your life that you want to address.
We can explore how you can find new inspiration and strength to make the changes you are waiting for in your life.

Based on ten years of experience and the insights I could gain from healing a burnout and changing my career from working as an international human rights advocate to becoming an integrative health practitioner, I can offer you in depth guidance, inspiration and understanding.

Please be welcomed.
Looking forward to meeting you there!

 Most recent client’s voice:

‘I contacted Irene when I was experiencing a profound feeling of dissatisfaction in all areas of my life, in particular my job. Having experienced a career change herself, she guided me in a very personalised, gentle and respectful way, using different techniques from coaching, visualisation, nutrition to shiatsu.  Very wise, empathetic and humble at the same time, I felt her totally present to me.’ Zuzana Gakova

“The coaching with Irene not only gave me a fresh perspective on my future, but also motivated me to translate it into action. I got stuck in a chaotic and stressfull situation and had no idea how to organize my life. Thanks to her structured approach, I was able to take a step back and give my life direction. Thanks Irene!”
Tom L.

“J’ai consulté Irene il y a un an alors que je me sentais au plus mal (insomnies, migraines, burn-out). Elle m’a aidée à sortir du mode de survie dans lequel je fonctionnais depuis plusieurs années. Shiatsu, EFT, changement d’alimentation, spiritualité m’ont complètement transformée. Plus de médicaments, un sommeil naturel, une alimentation saine et de l’énergie pour donner une nouvelle direction à ma vie. Merci Irene pour votre écoute, vos conseils, votre sagesse. Vous êtes le genre de belle personne qu’on aime croiser sur son chemin. Gratitude !” Annick V.

To know more Call Us at (0032)(0) 474 61 29 57