Holistic Health Coach


Coaching is an accompaniment to help you make changes. These changes can take different forms.


Time seems to be speeding up and most of us are continuously multitasking to get everything done.


Shiatsu is a therapeutic practice based on traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophy.


Join me at one of my workshops.

A unique combination of healing approaches


If you want to find a way of dealing with your emotions and address issues such as fatigue, loss of direction or burnout, then I am the right person for you.

I offer a unique combination of healing approaches that address body, mind and soul.

This includes integrative coaching based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, shiatsu and EFT to help you gain clarity and strength for sustainable change in your life.

If you find this approach appealing, please call me on (0032)(0) 474 61 29 57 or get in touch now!

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